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Philip Beckett CPA, P.C. HAS SUCCESSFUL REVIEW BY PEERS Gloversville,   New   York   February   5,   2021,     Philip   Beckett   CPA,   P.C.   announced today   that   it   has   successfully   completed   a   rigorous   peer   review   of   its   accounting   and auditing   practice.   The   reviewers   concluded   that   the   firm’s   system   of   quality   control for   the   accounting   and   auditing   practice   in   effect   for   the   year   ended   June   30,   2020, has   been   suitably   designed   and   complied   with   to   provide   reasonable   assurance   of performing   and   reporting   in   conformity   with   applicable   professional   standards   in   all material respects. Philip   Beckett   CPA,   P.C.     participates   in   the   Peer   Review   Program,   a   practice monitoring     program     approved     by     the     American     Institute     of     Certified     Public Accountants    (AICPA),    the    national    professional    organization    of    CPAs.       A    firm participating   in   the   Peer   Review   Program   must   have   an   independent   review   of   its accounting   and   auditing   practice   every   three   years.   The   review   was   conducted under   the   auspices   of   the   Pennsylvania   Institute   of   Certified   Public   Accountants following standards issued by the AICPA. The   peer   review   of   Philip   Beckett   CPA,   P.C.   was   performed   by   Davidson   Fox   CPA’s, an   independent   CPA   firm   from   Binghamton,   New   York   who   qualified   under   the program's requirements for service as a reviewer. Its    peer    review    rating    of    pass    indicates    Philip    Beckett    CPA,    P.C.    meets    the accounting   profession's   high   standards   of   quality   and   professionalism.   If   requested, the   firm   will   provide   a   copy   of   the   report   on   the   results   of   the   review   to   all   interested parties although not required to do so. Philip   Beckett   CPA,   P.C.   serves   closely   held   businesses,   nonprofit   organizations, individuals,    estates    and    trust    throughout    the    upstate    New    York    area.    The    firm provides   a   full   range   of   audit,   accounting,   tax,   consulting   services   and   specializes   in customized, cost effective services. The   American   Institute   of   Certified   Public   Accountants,   founded   in   1887,   is   the world’s    largest    association    representing    the    accounting    profession,    with    nearly 377,000    members    in    128    countries.    AICPA    members    represent    many    areas    of practice,   including   business   and   industry,   public   practice,   government,   education and    consulting;    membership    is    also    available    to    accounting    students    and    CPA candidates.   The   AICPA   sets   ethical   standards   for   the   profession   and   U.S.   auditing standards   for   audits   of   private   companies,   non-profit   organizations   and   federal,   state and local governments. It develops and grades the Uniform CPA Examination. The AICPA maintains offices in New York, Washington, D.C., Durham, N.C., and Ewing, N.J.